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  • Marko-Google

“New owner helped me to find exactly what I needed at a very fair price. Delivery was on time and product was wonderful. If you have to buy a mattress this is the place to do it. Great experience doing business here, I will be back for my next bed!”

  • William M

“I had just moved to Chicago when I discovered SleepRite, and needed a bed. Looking in the store and seeing mattresses everywhere was a good sign, unfortunately the store was closed at the time. I came back the next day and was expecting to look around and go check out another store and probably not come back.
It took about 5 minutes at another mattress store to realize SleepRite was the place getting my business. The owner is very friendly, knowledgeable and not a salesman type. I wasn’t pressured into anything, in fact I was encouraged to take my time with every aspect of the sale.
If I’m still living in Chicago when I need a new bed, I’ll go to SleepRite, but since that might not happen, I hope this review will help you choose SleepRite.”

  • Anonymous-Yelp

“This is a great mattress store.  The only one in the neighborhood that I’d go to.  The owner was understanding, nice, and got the job done fantastically!Thanks for the delivery!”

  • Mark H.-Yelp

“Excellent service! I was able to find exactly what I needed at a very fair price and get it delivered the same day. No hassle and a great experience. If you need something to sleep on go see these guys first.”

  • Storm, T-Yelp

“Great service! I needed a box spring and frame but not a mattress, and got fed up with the large chains insistence on bundling everything together. I found this through Yelp, ordered over the phone, and Nathan personally drove my box spring and frame out the next morning, and set it up himself. He was very friendly, the price was very reasonable, and no delivery charge! I’d happily recommend this place to anyone looking to get a bed in Chicago.”

  • Thomas S- Yelp

“Does anyone else go shopping for bedding and furniture and stuff and feel bad when a salesperson goes on and on about how great a product is and you don’t really care all? Maybe I just don’t care about furniture enough, who knows, but whenever a guy starts telling me about how soft a mattress is or how durable a couch is I just sort of nod and pretend to be interested when all I’m thinking is “HOLY GOD PLEASE LET’S JUST GET THIS OVER WITH.”

I think it also has to do with the fact that what they’re saying is clearly a pitch. When they say “Oh, I own that one. I love it.” you know they’re probably bullshitting and have said that line 400 times already today, but you’re obligated to pretend like you believe it. It’s like having a really insecure chef serve you a terrible meal and you pretend to like it so’s not to hurt the chef’s feelings.

I get it, though. You’re a salesman (or lady), and when you spend 40 hours a week hanging around giant inanimate objects that most people purchase and immediately stop thinking about once moved into their apartments, you’re gonna forge a much stronger bond with furniture than most other people have. It’s a weird thing to forge a bond with, is all. There are dog-lovers, cat-lovers, pizza-lovers, but you don’t see a whole lot of folks wearing tee-shirts with a picture of an armoire and a caption like “ARMOIRE AMORE.”

That’s sort of how I felt at SleepRite, but in a good way. The dude working there was really passionate about mattresses (tee-shirt  with an image of a mattress and the caption “MATTRESS MATTERS”) and was also friendly and helpful. Even though I showed up an hour before closing on a Sunday, my mattress was delivered the same day by a guy who had been at a barbeque beforehand, and he didn’t seem upset about leaving the barbeque to make a delivery! All in all, this place made me feel welcome and informed about everything going on. A good place to have in the neighborhood.”

  • Tamie M-Yelp

“I spent some time researching what I needed and what would fit my budget and my one bedroom studio.  I then set out to several stores .Big chains that used pressure tactics to try and make me buy “right now!!!!”   a couple of discount places where the price fit my budget, but quality was seriously lacking, a couple of places that had quality and price….till they started adding on for every tiny detail….then I found SleepRite!!!!  I can not say enough about this neighborhood shop.  From the moment I walked in and Nathan remembered I had called a few days earlier and pretty much what I was looking for, to his friendly and no pressure presentation of what was available.   Found the perfect queen size bed, great quality, and even with adding delivery I was still way under what I had budgeted…and he gave me a mattress cover for free as well as the metal frame (yes another store wanted to charge 50.00 in addition for the metal frame).!!!!    The day of delivery came.  Nathan checked in with me, and then the most efficient, friendly delivery guys showed up.   These guys had my queen size bed up in my second floor apt, set up and clean up in less than 20 minutes!!!!  I can not recommend this place enough.  Anyone looking for a bed….please check out SleepRite.  It will be worth every penny….and from my experience it will be a lot less pennies than anywhere else you could find.”

  • Ashley J-Yelp

“I went to SleepRite back in Sept. (having just moved to Chicago) at the recommendation of my boyfriend who had just purchased a mattress there. The store is tiny and STUFFED with mattresses but still offers a surprisingly wide selection. You can spend $50 or $500 depending on what you are looking for. He even sells frames and mattress protectors. The location is great, especially for Loyola students, and was easy to get to from the Granville stop on the Red Line.

I am in love with my bed! I’m so glad I decided to buy one in Chicago instead of bringing my old lumpy one from Michigan. I paid a fantastic price and Nathan delivered it to my apartment THAT NIGHT.

I got a call from him about 2 months after I bought my mattress asking me how I was still liking it or if I had problems. Now THAT is customer service!”

  • Regina J-Yelp

“I just moved up here and I was trying to find a nice mattress and Anthony was very helpful. The delivery was fast and he helped me out a lot. I am happy that I found a nice store to go to because the service was hands-on and I have no complaints about my mattress. The mattress is so soft and comfortable, its like your laying on a mattress from an upscale Hotel.”