About Our Mattress Store

SleepRite Bedding is a brand new Mattress store located in the town of Edgewater which is in chicago, IL. The company started in July 2011 by a brave couple, during challenging economic times.

SleepRite specializes in mattress sales of any size mattress.  By providing a same day delivery service and by living by their words of “UBEATABLE Mattress Prices And Superior Mattress Quality!” SleepRite provides an excellent service for a great price.

The reason SleepRite provides its’ great prices is threefold:

  1. We do not spend a lot on advertising

  2. We have a small location so our decrease overhead budget helps save our customers a great amount of money

  3. We sell non-name brand mattresses that, if they are not better then they are at least the same quality as name brand mattresses

SleepRite only sells brand new items including: MattressesFutons, Space Savor Frames, Bunk Beds, Dining Room Sets, Living Room Sets and more are sold at their current location: online and in the Edgewater area.

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