Mattresses 2 You

The SleepRite Mattresses 2 You Program ©

In order to make your mattress purchase more convenient, we are now bringing our mattress store to you!

As the name implies, we now make it possible for you to try out your new mattress from the comfort of your home.

In order to use this program,  please perform the following steps:

  1. Decide which mattress or mattresses you want to try from our online store by clicking here

  2. Then call us at (773) 764-5599 to arrange a time to try them

  3. After finding the one you want, we will order it for you and deliver it to your house

Regarding the charges involved in this program:

  • We charge $50 to use this program: $25 goes towards the try out of the sample mattresses and the remaining $25 acts as a discount towards your new mattress!

  • This $50 charge does NOT include the price of the delivery of the mattress to your house if the mattress that you choose in not on our truck when we deliver the samples for you to try

Please call us with any questions you have at (773) 764-5599