Best memory foam mattress on Amazon

After owning my own mattress store for half a decade and seeing many people purchase their memory foam mattresses off of Amazon, here are a few guidelines to use when deciding what type of memory foam mattress will suit you:

    1. Firmness- Make sure that the mattress you purchase comes with the correct feel.  There are many types of mattress comfort levels in the industry but to break it down you have 2 layers to your mattress the top part of the mattress which is above the coils or bottom support foam called the comfort layer.  The bottom part of the mattress is the support layer.  Please see the picture below where the individually wrapped coils are the support part of the mattress and the foam above them is the comfort part of the mattress.Here is a picture of a memory foam mattress where the support part of the mattress is made of foam and the top layers which are the 2″ 4 pound density memory foam and 2″ swirl gel memory foam layers make up the comfort part of the mattress.  So when choosing a mattress make sure to find out how firm both the comfort layers are and support foam is to get an idea if the mattress is for you!
    2. Look for the best warranty: The Casper mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. 
      Please keep in mind that you want to know if the warrnty is prorated or a full warranty.  Prorated means that you will have to pay more the longer you wait into the 10 years that you want to get the mattress warranty fulfilled so if you wait 5 years after the mattress has sagged at the inch and three quarter mark, you will have to pay half the price of the mattress, lets say for example, to get your mattress repaired.  Otherwise with a full warranty the manufacturer, Casper mattress in this case, will take the mattress back perhaps with a fee and get it back to you ASAP for FREE.  Please keep in mind you might want to have a backup mattress in the meantime.  For a more affordable mattress check this Green Tea mattress which also comes with a 10 year warranty


C. Best rating on amazon based on the number of reviews!  The more reviews the better.  After working with Amazon myself, I would say the important thing to look at with reviews is the quantity and quality.  The greater the number of reviews means the more people have experienced it and having tons of reviews is hard to pay people to leave non-biased paid for amazon reviews.  Checking the quality of reviews and getting a feeling that the review is real is important as well!  Based on the above information check out some of the picks we have found:

    1. The Casper mattress with 971 reviews and a 4 star rating is amazing for a mattress

The Leesa mattress also has over 900 reviews and comes in at a 4 star rating as well