Customized Mattress

If You Are Looking For A Specific Mattress Size, Shape Or Feel Then Please Read The Following:

We specialize in making custom size, shape or firm mattresses.  All we ask is that you visit our store so that you can select the mattress that is available to be made into the size and shape that you need and we will be happy to order it for you and have it delivered to you within a week’s time.

We make mattresses specific for:

  1. People that weigh over 250 pounds which will last at least 20 years without sagging

  2. Boats

  3. Pets: dogs, cats and more!

  4. Tall individuals who need longer mattresses

  5. Children who need water-resistant mattresses

  6. Hospitals/Nursing Homes

  7. Hotels

  8. Bunk Beds

  9. Motor Homes

  10. Roll away beds

  11. Universities

  12. Colleges

  13. Prep Schools

  14. Rental Properties

  15. Housing Units

  16. Camps

  17. Camp Resorts

  18. Motels

  19. Resorts

  20. Luxury Suites

  21. Camp Trailers

  22. And More!