How To Find The Best Mattress For You

Please Ask Yourself The Following 3 Questions To DecideWhich Mattress Is Best For You:

I. Is This Mattress For Myself Or My Guests?

This Question Helps You Prioritize How Much To Spend On Your Own Mattress Vs. Your Guest’s Mattress.  Of Course, You Use Your Own Mattress More Than Than Your Guests’ Mattress, So Investing More In Your Own Mattress Should Be A Priority Because You Sleep On Your Mattress A Greater Percentage Of The Time And Therefore You Need It To Last Longer.

II. Do I Want A Soft Or Firm Mattress?

This Question Helps You Identify The Type Of Mattress That You Will Feel Comfortable Sleeping On For The Life Of Your Mattress.  As An Aside, People Spend 121 Days Straight Out Of The Year Sleeping On Their Mattress.  Please Take A Moment And Think…
If I Sleep 8 Hours A Night, Which Is A Third Of The 24 Hour A Day Period, Then I’m Sleeping In My Bed For A Third Of A Year Since A Year Is Also Divisible By Three As 365 Days Divided By 3 Equals 121.
With That Said, Please Choose A Mattress That Meets The Needs Of You And Your Family.  We Recommend That Your Doctor’s Advice Comes First As He Will Help You Decide Which Mattress Is Best For You.  If You Know For Example That Your Doctor Recommended That You Sleep On A Firm Mattress Then That Is The Mattress Type You Should Purchase.
Once You Have A General Idea Of The Mattress Type That Best Fits Your Needs, Finding The Right Feel Can Be Overwhelming.  So We Reccomend To Just Try Out 3 or 4 Mattress Types And See What Works Best For You.  Otherwise, Trying Six Mattresses Out Would Make Your Life More Challenging Because You Would Give Yourself Too Many Options From Which To Choose.

III. For How Long Will I Be Using This Mattress?

The Answer To This Question Is Critical Because If You Want To Keep Your Mattress For A Long Time You Want To Check What Warranty Is Offered On The Mattress Of Your Interest.  Warrantees On Mattress Are Only Valid, By The Way, If You Keep The Mattress Stain Free By Keeping It Covered With Either  The Origional Plastic That Came With The Mattress Or With A Bed-Bug/Waterproof Mattress Protector.
When Making A Large Investment In Greater Priced Mattress, Try Considering If You Plan To Move Sometime Soon And You Plan To Not Take Your Mattress With You To Your Next Residence.  If You Will Not Need The Mattress For Such A Long Time, Then Perhaps You Could Save Money Now And Purchase A More Expensive Mattress When The Time Is Right For You.