How to find the best mattress for your child

Baruch-Ad-Photo Article Composed By Nathan Redfern, The Mattress Dr.

If you are looking for a mattress for your child then the information below should be of great help to you!

When looking for your child’s next mattress keep in mind that there are three stages of
growth that your child will go through which will require to think about the best bedding option for them.

Stage 1: Baby-Age ~ 1.5-2

As a baby, your son or daughter will need a crib with a good crib mattress in it.  Your baby will need to stay in their crib until the age of one and a half or two at which point they will need to move to either a toddler bed or a regular size bed(Twin, Full, Queen).  When looking for cribs, keep in mind that some cribs come with the option to convert into a toddler bed and even a day bed.  Also, when looking for a bed for your child, you can either buy a mattress protector to protect your warranty on your mattress which is void if it is soiled, or you can purchase a vinyl covered mattress which does not absorb liquids and is therefore used often for hospital mattresses.

Stage 2: Toddler- Age ~ 2-6 or 7

This stage is where your son or daughter has outgrown their crib.  You can either upgrade your child to a toddler bed or a regular bed.  If your crib converts to a toddler bed, that you are already prepared for this step.  Also, if your crib converts to a day bed then you could have them sleep in this bed as they would sleep on a twin size bed.  The great thing about toddler beds is they come with side rails so that your child will not fall off their bed.  If your toddler bed does not have side rails, the great thing about them is that they are low to ground so that even if you child falls off of their bed they will not have a large fall.  For this reason, toddler beds are great for those children that fall off their beds at night.

Stage 3: Adolescent- Age ~ 7-17

Here we find that children are ready for standard mattresses.  Tall children might even need extra long mattresses.