7 Reasons A Good Night’s Rest Leads To Better Health

Below we have noted 7 reasons why a good night’s sleep is crucial in one’s life


  1. Improves your memory- studies have proven that lack of sleep impairs your memory.

  2. Keeps you emotionally calm- REM sleep keeps you from being grumpy during the day as other studies have shown because your left brain calms your right brain down from all of the stress that you experienced from the previous day.  So without enough sleep, you will lack this part of your sleep and end up being “grumpy” the next day.

  3. Regulates hormones- this is important for teenagers and children since when they do not get enough sleep, their appetites and be altered leading to obesity.

  4. Helps you be more alert- approximately 100,000 traffic accidents a year are caused by sleepy drivers in the United States.

  5. Assists in keeping your immune system strong- A person getting less sleep is more prone to getting infections and viruses because with less sleep your immune system will be more weak and therefore not as able to fight off the infection you have.

  6. Improves your skin- It has also been proven that sleep helps your skin by accelerating the protein collagen 1 production which is responsible for your bodies tissue tensile strength.

  7. When children rest well then their parents rest well also- when children rest well at night their their parents wont be interupted in their sleep and therefore their parents will get a better night’s sleep