Air Mattress Myths

Please read the following to learn the truth about air mattresses

1. Myth: Air Mattresses do not need to be filled with air that often if you sleep on it every night.

Fact: You will find, in general, if you sleep on an air mattress every night that some air in the mattress seeps out every night you sleep on it.  Therefore, the great thing about air mattresses is that you can control the amount of air in the mattress to meet your sleep comfort or sleep support needs.  This means that if you want a more soft feeling mattress then you can let some air out of the mattress and see how it feels.  In fact, this is how Sleep Number Beds work since you can control how much air is let into each mattress in the bed set to regulate how soft or firm you bed will feel.  You will find on average, that air mattresses need to be filled once a week if not more.