What To Do To Get Restful Sleep

Please Read The Following  To Find Out How To Get Restful Sleep:

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The Do’s:

1. Do Buy The Right Mattress For Yourself.  Make Sure That You Try Out The Mattress For At Least Five Minutes In The Store.  To Learn More About How To Do This Please Click Here.
2. Do Relax Before You Go To Sleep Because Going To Sleep When Angry Or Anxious Does Not Result In A Restful Sleep.  This Can Be Done In Some Of The Following Ways:
  • Take Deep Breaths Before Going To Sleep
  • Meditate Before Going To Bed
  • Let Go Of Worries And Frustrations Before Going To Sleep
3. Do Wear Comfortable Clothing When Going To Sleep So Your Body Feels Relaxed When Going To Sleep
4. Do Eat Before Going To Sleep If You Have A High Metabolism And You Feel Like Your Body Needs It, But Do Not Drink Before Bed Otherwise You Might Feel Like You Need To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night To Use The Restroom
5. Do Keep Your Room As Dark As Possible To Get More Calm Sleep
6. Sleep Long Enough So That Your Body Feels Refreshed In The Morning.  The Amount Of Sleep Time You Need Depends Upon What Your Body Tells You, So If You Feel That You Need 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night, Then That Is What You Need.


The Do Not’s:
1. Do Not Do The Following 1 Hour Before Going To Sleep:
  • Drink Caffeine Or Eat Sweets
  • Exercise
  • Watch TV
  • Do Your Bills
  • Do Your Work
2. Do Not Nap Too Long During The Day