The Top 7 Bed Bug Myths

See the following to learn the truth about bed bugs

1. Myth:  Throwing your furniture away that had or has bed bugs in it will get rid of your bed bug problem
Fact: You should keep your old furniture and wait until an exterminator rids your furniture from the bugs you have in it or on it.  In fact, all you need to do with your mattress is place a mattress protector on it and that way the bugs in it cannot get out and the bugs outside of it will not be able to enter it.  This will save you a lot of money!

2. Myth:  People that have dirty houses only get bed bugs

Fact:  Not only is it possible that someone with a cluttered room, which allows for more hiding places for bed bugs, to get an infestation but even someone who keeps their house clean could get one also.  The point being that ANYONE can get bed bugs, and that is why it is important to always check your room for dirt spots resulting from the bugs waste or your body for bites (click here to learn more).

3. Myth: If your neighbor has bed bugs, you cannot get them

Fact: There is a greater likelyhood that if you live next to someone that has bed bugs you can get them as well.  That is why we reccomend that you check your living space once a week to ensure that you do not have a bed bug issue.  (click here to learn where to check for these bugs)

4. Myth: Bed bugs are too small to see

Fact: They are a quarter inch in size, have a brown color and can be seen easily

5. Myth: A person will not get bed bugs unless they travel

Fact: Bed bugs can be brought in a house from everyday walking areas.  That is why being aware of them is important

6. Myth: Bed bugs can only be treated by heat or bug bombs

Fact: The truth is that extreme cold can also kill bed bugs and their eggs

7. Myth: Once the beg bugs in your house have been removed you not get any more bites or feel itchiness

Fact: Even once the bed bugs have been removed from a persons house, the bugs could leave a temporary feeling of itchiness called chitin hypersensitivity, which comes as a result of coming in contact with bed bugs.  Bed bug shells left over by the bugs could also cause allergic reactions which look like bites.  This can be solved by getting a cleaning service to clean up their left over shells.